Welcome to Laban Lab's Turns section.

Here, you will learn the basics of Turns and will have many opportunities to apply these concepts through the following sections. You may click on the highlighted sections below, or navigate from the toolbar at the top of the screen. Below is a description of each section


The Movement Experience is a guided improvisation that will help you to experience the elements of turnsbefore you look at them in notation.

The basics will provide basic notation vocabulary on turns.

In Try it out, Dances, and Practice, you will begin to read Labanotation of dances that include turns. The Try it out examples are the shortest (a few measures). The Dances are longer (usually about 8-12 measures), and are accompanied by music and short movies of other students performing the dances. The Practice examples are the longest (12-16 measures), and are accompanied by music. Practice your reading and have fun with these sections!

The Try Notating It section allows you to use LabanWriter, a free program for writing Labanotation, to try notating some of the movement you see.