Physically experimenting with the possibilities inherent in turns will help you to better understand the notation of the action. We encourage you to get up and play with the level, direction, size, and timing of your turns.

Click here for some music and spoken directions to guide your experience.

Click here for music without words.

Below is a transcript of the voice-over. Have a friend, teacher or classmate read it to you as you move.

Movement experience transcript.

Begin walking to warm up.

Curve your walk into a circle.

Notice whether you are circling clockwise or counterclockwise.

Now let the circle gradually spiral in until you are turning in one place.
Sense the center of your turning in your own core. Sense the vertical axis for the turn through the core of your body.

Now experiment with turning in different directions- on one foot, on both, or turning in the air.
If you like you can take that down to the floor. Feel the rolling through the body, and then back up to standing again.

Now instead of whole or multiple spins, work with fractions. Make a half turn to the right, turn a quarter to your left, turn three quarters to your right, and then walk with forward steps. Turn a half to your left and then walk forward again.

Observe that your forward steps will take you wherever you are facing, regardless of the front of the room.

Continue walking, turning as needed and occasionally add a fancy spin. Sense the difference between the attention and timing of the incidental turns and turning as the main event.
To finish, be sure to unwind, by turning in the opposite direction.
Did you find you had a movement preference for direction of turning?