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Welcome to LabanLab!

This is a site designed to help you learn the basics of Labanotation. The site is split into several main areas:

If you are new to notation, begin with the Steps basics. This area will introduce you to the basics of reading on the Labanotation staff.

Each area is divided into several sections:

The site is designed to be used in any way that the user likes. You may follow this order, or you may acess the information in any order you like.

We do encourage you to get out of your seat and try as much of the notation as you can. Try printing the examples for easy portability.

If you are having trouble printing notation, it may be because your cursor is in the wrong part of the page. You will notice that many of the pages in our site have three parts: a side bar, a top navigation bar, and a main portion where the main content is located. These are actually three different web pages held together by something called frames (imagine a picture frame that holds several pictures). You must use your mouse to click in the part of the page that you want to print before you select the print option from your browser's toolbar.

Supplemental information is available through: