Physically experimenting with the possibilities inherent in jumping will help you to better understand the notation of the action. We encourage you to get up and play with the level, direction, size, and timing of your jumps. Are you taking off of one foot or two? How are you landing your jumps? Soon we will provide some music and spoken directions to guide your experience. Below is a transcript of the voice-over that will be available in the next two weeks. Have a friend, teacher or classmate read it to you as you move. Be sure to warm up before jumping and stretch afterwards!

Click here for music without words

Movement Experience Transcript

Begin by walking, and when you are ready, let it go into the air.

Let yourself travel in your space in an easy jog from one foot to the other.

Now change your pattern so you add hops on one foot or the other.

Add jumps on both feet, and from both feet to one foot and from one foot to both.

Also, notice that as you land, you are probably landing on the beat of the music. What happens if you try to be in the air on the beat?

Now stop, jump again, and pause. Do that several times, sensing the distinct phases of preparation, air time, and landing. Notice that you probably bend your knees as you prepare and land.

Now try some really big jumps. Notice that the "air time" is much greater than the preparation and landing times.

Return to an easy jog and notice the resiliency, more even timing, and how the landing and preparation phases have merged into one.

Return to walking to cool down, and then stretch you calves.